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Hey, Coach! Drama isn't really your thing.
Ready to ditch the niche drama?

Let's create a niche you absolutely love, clarify your messaging, and craft an offer you can't wait to tell everyone about!

How can I tell people what I do? I don't even know what I actually do!

Maybe I should look for another freebie. Wait, What!?! I've already signed up for every freebie trying to figure out who my dream client is.  But, I'm still confused about how to find her.

I know I need to niche down but if I do then I'll have even less people to talk to. I hardly have anyone now.

I wish I could just coach more.  That's what I'm really good at. I'm posting and engaging (well, not consistently) but people do like what I'm posting. So why don't they want to work with me?

Is it me? I think it's me. I'm not fancy. I'm just too vanilla. 

What is the secret? Seriously, is anyone actually making money consistently as a coach? Did I buy into a lie?
I'm getting so overwhelmed! I just don't know what to do next.

I get it.
You love coaching so much, but when it comes to your business lately these are the thoughts racing through your head...

feeling certain that the niche you create is meant for you.

showing up to share your message and sell your offer consistently and confidently as your real, genuine self.

being crystal clear about who you're talking to and knowing how to connect with them.

knowing exactly what your dream client is struggling with and having a clear strategy to help them solve their problem.

having an offer that you're so proud of you can't wait to share it.

defining your 3-5 needle movers that you know you enjoy and can commit to consistently

Take a deep breath.
I've got some good news for you!

Finding a niche and offer that are perfectly aligned with you isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be.


That's why I created...

Your Dream Business Runway

Find your aligned niche, clarify your message, and create your one simple offer.

It's perfect for you if you're a coach who...

is ready to find a niche you're confident was meant just for you.

wants to create an "I help" statement you can't wait to share.

struggles to create content without staring at your computer or scrolling social media looking at everyone else's work as you wonder who you're talking to and how you even help.

is ready to create your one simple offer so you can sell it with ease and make more money.

wants help gaining clarity in your business and wants to do that in one month of powerful coaching.

I know you have so many exciting plans for your business. But you're confused about what you're even doing.  It feels like you should be doing everything but you end up spinning in overwhelm wondering what to do next. That's why I'm here.

Coaches hire me to help them nail their dream niche, craft their crystal clear messaging, and create their one simple offer. When you know who you're talking to and how you help them, it's so much easier to show up consistently.  And it's so much easier to  finally start creating clients.

My formal degree is in Education with a Master's in Counseling, and I'm a Certified Life Coach. But my real world education comes from building my own business and working with my students, other educators, and entrepreneurs just like YOU. 

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs decide what they want to do and then take their big ideas and simplify them.  I love helping them break things down into simple, actionable steps.  Then I help them add in a regular mindset practice and their success becomes inevitable. They stop spinning in overwhelm and finally have more time to do what they really love to do, coach!

Let's chat about working together.  After we work together you'll have a niche you love.  You'll know who you're talking to and how to create a compelling message that attracts your dream clients. And to top it all off, when people ask you about what you do and how you could help them, you'll know exactly how to respond every single time!

Hi, I'm Katrina!
(I'm so glad you're here!) 

How It Works!

A detailed workbook that I send to you before we meet to help you brainstorm ideas for how you want to create your business your way

A personalized and specific "I help" statement that makes you feel excited to tell everyone what you do

An IG bio that brings your dream clients to you

A clearly defined niche that you feel connected to

Certainty about your offer and pricing

Messaging ideas to help you speak directly to your dream client, communicate with them about their problem, and explain how you help them solve it

3-5 clearly defined needle movers that will help you show up consistently, provide a ton of value, and connect more easily with your ideal client

A simple content plan that will allow you to show up consistently without feeling overwhelmed 

Using my Triad to Takeoff method we'll focus on transforming these three impactful areas of your business: niche clarity, your aligned offer, and simple sales. 

We'll work together to tailor each of these to your unique experiences and expertise as well as your personality, desires, and goals.

What You'll Get

How We'll Connect

We'll meet for one hour each week for a power packed month and do a deep dive into your business.  We'll connect over Zoom and your calls will be recorded and sent to you so you'll have them to refer back to.

One on One Call

Personalized Business Plan

One week (7 days) after our final call you'll receive your personalized Dream Business Runway report that will include the notes and details from our coaching sessions.

You'll have access to me through email (M-F) throughout our month of coaching. 

Extra Support



One Time Payment

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"Katrina exudes compassion and a deep devotion for understanding what each individual needs. She is an exceptional listener, carefully considering every word her clients are expressing, and then using her extensive knowledge to help her clients transform their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Working with Katrina has opened my mind to truly examining my thoughts of self doubt and self imposed guilt. Because of Katrina’s skillful coaching, I can now identify when those limiting thoughts enter my mind.

This mindset shift has helped me start a successful new business, improve my communication with my husband and daughter, and lead a healthier life. I highly recommend her services; she has a true gift for helping people reach their full potential."

~ Leah Reinert  

"It's been a privilege to work with Katrina in a professional element and build a relationship where she's encouraged and supported me on many levels. Katrina is driven, person-centered, and methodical when helping others. I'm always in awe of the kind and caring, yet ultra-productive, manner in which she accomplishes goals and tasks."

~Kristen Triplett

"The three words that come to mind right away when I think about Katrina: genuine, strong, motivated. Many other words describe Katrina but these stand out. I love conversations with Katrina for many reasons but mostly because she listens and hears what you’re saying. And she cares. And she encourages. She takes time to think about how to respond and how her words are going to help you grow, succeed, and be better. Katrina takes experiences throughout her life and uses them to help those she connects with.  Ever since I’ve known Katrina, she’s had dreams and goals and she goes for them...with her whole heart. It’s simply fabulous. The time I spend with Katrina is meaningful and uplifting. For myself, I want to be around Katrina and women like her. She wants to make herself better but the amazing thing about that – she wants to help those around her to be better too, whether we’re focusing on being a woman, a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, or a non-traditional student. The last thing to say – Katrina is the best version of herself. She doesn’t play the comparison game. She is who she is and I love that about her."

~Kristy Priebe 


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